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The project

AirSafe™ suction systems are all specifically designed for protecting operators and patients from the spread of extra-oral aerosol during operations in the dental and orthodontic field. The drastic reduction in contamination risk from potentially infected dental aerosols is obtained through the effective and powerful aspiration of nebulised aerosol particles that carry Coronavirus Covid-19 or other infectious agents.

In addition to effective active protection of people close to the operating area, thanks to their high flow rate, AirSafe™ aspirators guarantee continuous air filtration within the practice, reducing dispersion into the environment and protecting subsequent patients.

Thanks to HEPA H14 filtration, AirSafe™ systems are able to break down 99.995% of dangerous coronavirus particles, estimated to be between 0.12 and 0.16 μm in size. The filtered and purified air is then released back into the environment at low speed, so achieving maximum energy savings.

The project

Airsafe™ technical concepts are all developed specifically for the aerosol risk and do not come from previous laboratory applications or for dust suction, as the particular conformation of the aerosol produced by turbines and instruments required a specific dedicated design :

– a large air flow rate with medium pressure, in order to optimally capture the nebulized part without getting too close to the operation area, thanks to the transparent hoods with circular or rectangular section.

– 4 filtering stages in sequence, in order to best break down the different shapes and sizes of the sucked particulate: at first the of the aerosol wet parts, in order to protect the subsequent filters which if wet, compromise the filtering process efficiency, let passing the dangerous particles through the last H14 HEPA final filter.

The Airsafe™ system is capable of breaking down 99.995% of dangerous coronavirus particles, estimated with dimensions between 0.12 and 0.16 μm.

In this way the risk is drastically reduced.

Aerosol filtration is a wet matter

Aerosol filtration is a wet matter

Innovative and unique filtering flow from bottom to top

Any dry filter hit by airflow with a high content of water gets wet and then dries by evaporation. After some working cycles like this, the microfibers that should filter the smaller particles lose their characteristics, opening the passage to the smallest particles and making the filtering section useless without however giving signs of inefficiency to the user.

Airsafe™  aerosol suction systems has been designed with a filtering section based on the experience derived from oil mist suppressors in industrial fields, applied to the need to eliminate dental aerosol, configuring the filtering section in this way:

1) vertical inlet from top to bottom, not directly on a flat filter, but in a pre-chamber of settling inside which the aspirated flow slows down and for this reason the larger drops condense on the bottom.

2) reverse flow from bottom to top with reduced ascent rate to make condensation even more efficient.

3) filtration stages arranged vertically with flow from the bottom upwards so that the separator filter, suitable for being crossed by 100% relative humidity, can then drain any further residues downwards into the collection chamber.

Thanks this actions the dry filters with final grade H14 are effectively protected and guaranteed for absolute filtration.



Transparent hood designed for aerosols with a wider dispersion of contaminants, is applied to the patient from the side without reducing the operator’s visibility.



Compact and handy mobile unit, easy to use and equipped with 4 filter stages with final grade H14.

Very silent, thanks to the soundproofing insulation of the engine compartment and anti- turbulence grids on the extractor fan



Self-supporting articulated suction arm diameter 100mm with length 1300mm which ensures close and efficient collection of aerosols.


Electrical panel with on / off button, operating light, filter exhaustion alarm and counter by machine register as required by regulations for safety systems


plug and play
Professional and effective suction

Professional and effective suction

100mm internal diameter pipes are the largest ever applied  on a mobile machine and guarantee very low level of pressure drop, with significant advantages.

Lower pressure drops means less required power, allowing energy savings and reducing the power consumption of the system

  1. Joint elements are reinforced to prevent breakage and deformation. The ball bearings and the large diameterO-Ring allow a stable fixing clutch.

  2. Low noise arm level thanks to the innovative design of the joints
  3. A stable and easily accessible handle on the arm body allows a easy handling fo the system

The rounded section hood and the large air flow rate, create a wide suction area, to properly remove the aerosols without positioning the hood very close to the operation area.
Mobile unit
Effective airflow
400 mc/h
Motor power180 Watt
Power supply
110/220V 50/60Hz monophase
Dimension mm495 x 590 x 790h
Weight Kg55
pivoting with brake
Noise level60 dB(A)
Arm type
ø100 mm – 1300mm lenght
Stage 1Wet pre-chamber with drain
Stage 2separator filter for fluids with 100% relative humidity
Stage 3ePM10 80% according to ISO 16890
Stage 4HEPA H14 filter according to EB 1822: 2019
Filter security
closing with seal and side hooks
Machine certificateCE according to directive European machines


To also guarantee protection against aerosols in those parts of a room that do not allow use of the mobile aspirator, various fixed AirSafe™ suction solutions are available; these can be installed on the wall, or with a latest generation centralised system equipped with a control unit that expels the filtered air outside.

Depending on the practice’s needs, it is possible to connect the aspirator arm to the wall or the ceiling, with a length appropriate to the operating requirements.

The machine is connected to the arm with white tubes.

The electrical panel with all of its functions is supplied remotely, so enabling its installation on the wall.

Ceiling fitted arm

Wall mounted arm

Dental aerosol centralized suction systems

Thanks to 30 years of experience in aspiration systems with our SECUREAIR® division, we are able to offer centralised suction solutions that can be customised according to operational needs.

This solution is composed of three basic elements:

– an external suction and filtration unit designed for high performance in order to simultaneously aspirate from 2, 4 and up to 8 contemporary workstations, depending on the model.

– White PVC piping network, characterised by good chemical resistance, thermal and chemical weldability, minimal roughness and, above all, a smooth surface, thus offering no support for biological growth.

– 100 mm diameter suction arms, easy to position, robust and stable, complete with joints and transparent hood.


About us

The machines of the AirSafe™ line have been developed by drawing on the experience and engineering skill of our team, who have successfully worked on improving air quality in professional contexts for over 30 years.

The company is based in the province of Turin, in the north west of Italy. The offices, production zone and warehouse are set up in an area that allows the company to design and produce independently, with the highest quality standards, and in total control of its own know-how and customers.

Now more than ever, design teams are called upon to create more efficient and competitive solutions, without sacrificing innovation and quality. To achieve these goals, our technical office uses one of the best parametric 3D CAD platforms for solid modelling, thanks to which we are able to offer our customers a unique experience not only in product, but also developmental, terms.

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